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  • What materials are these made of?
    • All custom NFT pendants are coated in 100% real 18K white gold, plus an invisible anti-tarnish coating to eliminate fading and tarnishing.
  • What stones are used?
    • We only use VVS+ clarity CZ stones, which are a visually identical alternative to diamonds. We choose CZ stones because they look, shine, and feel the exact same as real diamonds. Did you know, many expert jewelers can’t tell the difference between a high quality CZ and a diamond by eye!
  • How are the pendants made?
    • First, our graphic artists will digitally crop your NFT to fit the pendant size. Then we place the image in the pendant, and cover it with a protective acrylic shield. Afterward, every stone on the pendant is hand-set by our jewelers, and once completed, the pendant goes through our quality inspection to ensure it meets our high standards. Finally, it’s packaged and shipped to you!
  • Do the pendants fade?
    • Our custom NFT pendants don't fade or tarnish, and we back this with our lifetime guarantee for every Icemob product.