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About Us

Our mission: To Motivate Every Man To Be Relentless.

Our story starts with a highschool dropout with one selfish motivation: to beat his own depression. In the trenches of those daily battles, the only way out was to simply keep pushing forward through the suffering. Being relentless is what kept him and the business alive. That’s why our mission runs so deep in our blood, because we know first hand what the power of a relentless mindset can overcome.

Being relentless is what saved our life. The power of a relentless man can change the world for the better, and if we can motivate men to do that, we serve a purpose far beyond selling jewelry.

See Icemob's Relentless Foundation


If you’re a customer of ours or just checking out our brand, we thank you. Without a community like you guys we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Even if you don’t plan on ever purchasing from us, we still hope our brand has a positive impact on your life. Stay relentless.

- The Entire Icemob Team