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Article: The Guide to Hip Hop Jewelry Trends

The Guide to Hip Hop Jewelry Trends
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The Guide to Hip Hop Jewelry Trends

From NBA superstars like LeBron James to rap artists like Drake, men's jewelry is skyrocketing in popularity. It is now almost impossible to walk down the street without seeing a man rocking a necklace or bracelet. From fully iced diamond jewelry to simple gold chains, men's jewelry shows art, class, and fashion. Men are now embracing fashion and slowly moving away from the previous gender stereotypes that jewelry is for women.

The history of men wearing jewelry can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians who wore gold neck wraps and strung beads with amulets and talismans for protection and good luck. Today, the culture of wearing jewelry has shifted from only A-list celebrities to now anyone who wants to up their style. Here are the latest trends and guides to men's jewelry.


Men's necklaces come in various materials, sizes, and styles. The '90s saw hip-hop stars wear big gold or diamond necklaces, but today’s fashion trends have men opting for more minimalist necklaces that are much sleeker. Modern chain styles typically have a shorter length that reaches the lower neck to the mid-chest area and can be worn on top of a shirt or tucked to reveal only a small portion. Styles like the Tennis Chain are a great example of how men’s fashion has transitioned to putting much less emphasis on huge sizes, and more on fresh looking styles.

The rap industry has popularized adding pendants to chains for more personality and style. A clean looking pendant can turn your ordinary outfit into a unique and distinct look. When choosing a pendant, style is first priority but you should also consider its practicality. Seeing your favorite rappers drop half a million on an enormous pendant or chain might be great for music videos and performances, but when it comes to practical everyday wear, a huge chain or pendant may weigh you down or simply be too flashy.

Necklaces also come with different lengths, with the average ranging between 18in to 22in. This length will sit just below your collarbone, and longer necklaces hang around the upper chest area. Longer necklaces typically range from 24in to 30in and can create a more relaxed look. Shorter chains generally contribute to a cleaner look, and when the occasion arises, can work great with more formal outfits.

Layering, or wearing multiple chains, is a great way to bolden your look. An essential tip when it comes to layering is to wear different lengths. For example, an 18” chain with a 20” chain would work well, however wearing two 18” chains would probably result in the two chains clumping together. Not exactly the clean look most look for.

There are many different styles of necklaces popular today, however notable styles in rap culture include Cuban Chains, Tennis Chains, and Rope Chains. Pendants, on the other hand, are a much more personal choice. The reason so many rappers choose to get custom pendants, like Drake’s “OVO Owl”, or Lil Uzi’s “Marilyn Manson”, is because pendants are the best way to express one’s personality with jewelry.


Bracelets are slowly becoming a much more important part of men's fashion. You can almost always find rappers wearing something on their wrist, if not a bracelet, then a watch. They’re a great way to complement almost any outfit, and show attention to detail. Bracelets might be more subtle than chains or watches, but can easily transform an outfit.

A good fitting bracelet is like a nicely tailored suit. Generally, bracelets should allow a little room to slide back and forth, but an oversized bracelet is never a good thing.
The two sizes, 7” and 8”, cover almost all wrists. (The average man's wrist size is 7.5”).

Bracelets go well with short sleeves because they leave more room to show off, but can easily be worked in with long sleeve shirts. Layering bracelets have a very similar effect to layering chains, it can really make your look pop.

Broad metal bands offer a more upscale bracelet style for men, and a good example includes men’s white gold bracelets. Wearing a men’s white gold bracelet on your wrist makes a solid and bold statement. A metal bracelet elevates your class with a little flash and swagger.


Rings have, for a long time, been a symbol for class and authority. From the ancient pharaohs, ottoman sultans, roman priests, and Vikings, rings have an essential part of making a statement. The most popular type today is the wedding ring, but we’re here to look good, not propose. The rings worn by rappers are much more than just a plain ring. Different styles and shapes are popular like the Diamond Star Ring or Baguette Rings, and colors can vary greatly!

Just like with chains and bracelets, sizing is vital. Rings are a little more difficult to get right when it comes to sizes, but are very important. A ring should fit tightly on, and you can use various sizing guides online to find your ring size. If a ring doesn’t fit, a good tip is to try to switch fingers. Too small? Try it on the pinky finger. Too big? Try the thumb.

The thumb symbolizes character, the pinky finger is associated with intelligence, and the index finger symbolizes power and authority. The middle finger is associated with balance, and the wedding ring finger is associated with romance. Rings have also been used for championships, take NBA legend Bill Russell who won eleven championship rings with the Boston Celtics and ran out of fingers to place the rings!


The trend in men wearing earrings is exploding. The traditional stereotype of associating men with earrings as feminine or hippie is gone. If you need some proof, just take a look at your favorite male celebrities. Many have huge diamond earrings collections! Earrings make a bold fashion statement for the man ready to express his style. They are a great choice if you’re looking for something sleek and fresh.

Earrings can be great with casual or formal outfits. They definitely take a level of confidence, but done right they can be a great everyday piece. Bright and colorful earrings go well with streetwear and casual styles. Formal and business outfits match well with earrings with subtle designs, like Diamond Stud Earrings. Generally, earrings are worn in pairs, but you can still rock one earring to make a statement.

Men’s jewelry is here to stay, and trends are largely set by rappers and hip hop artists. If you’re looking to get iced out in the same styles as celebrities, we highly suggest you visit our brand Ice Mob. Men’s fashion is changing all the time, and it’s important to shop with brands that are on top of it. Stand out with stylish jewelry that will grab the right attention and inspire confidence and class.

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