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Care Instructions

Our pieces are mad durable, but you should still take proper care of your jewelry.
Here's 3 tips to keep your Icemob pieces looking new. (The overall idea is to keep your jewelry away from moisture and chemicals).
1. Don't get cologne, lotion, sunscreen, chlorine, or any type of chemicals on your jewelry.
  • Chemicals will slowly ruin the gold plating, chemicals are the ops.
  • (Tip: Don't spray cologne directly onto your piece. Put your cologne on first and wait for it to dry, THEN put on your jewelry)
2. Avoid excessive moisture like sweat, showers, pools, and oceans.
  • Showers=soap, pools=chlorine, and oceans=saltwater. These are all bad for jewelry.
  • (Tip: If you workout and sweat in your piece, just make sure to rinse the piece with water and wipe with a towel once you're done).
3. After a long day of wearing, rinse your piece in water and wipe it down with a towel to remove your skin's oils.
  • (Tip: If your piece feels a little sticky from skin oils or sweat, it's probably time to give it a quick rinse).