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NFT Pendants FAQ

Who is Icemob?

  • Our story
    • At our core, we’re a men’s iced jewelry brand. We design and create iced jewelry for Icemob customers, custom clients, and the hip hop world. With over 25,000 pieces created, we’re jewelry professionals.
  • How did you guys get into the NFT world?
    • The same way most of you guys probably did, we stumbled across the world of NFT’s and instantly understood it’s potential. Everyone at the Icemob team is super passionate about NFT’s, so we all knew in our hearts that diving into the NFT world headfirst was the correct decision to make as a company. Partnering with your favorite NFT projects is only the first step for us. Our sights are set on becoming the biggest iced jewelry brand in the real world, and the metaverse.



  • What materials are these made of?
    • Every custom NFT pendant is made out of solid 925 sterling silver, coated with a layer of real 18K white gold on top.
  • What stones are used?
    • We only use VVS+ clarity CZ stones, which are a visually identical alternative to diamonds. We choose CZ stones because they look, shine, and feel the exact same as real diamonds. Did you know, many expert jewelers can’t tell the difference between a high quality CZ and a diamond by eye!
  • How are the pendants made?
    • Your unique NFT will be cropped to fit the pendant size, then covered by a protective glass shield. Every stone on the pendant is hand-set by our jewelers. Once completed, the pendant goes through our quality inspection to ensure it meets our high standards, then it’s packaged and shipped to you!
  • Do the pendants fade?
    • Never. Our custom NFT pendants don't fade or tarnish ever, and we back this with our lifetime guarantee for every Icemob product.



  • How long does shipping take?
    • It takes 3-4 weeks as every custom pendant is made to order specifically for your NFT. They take time to craft and perfect, and when it arrives you’ll know it was worth the wait.
  • Do shipping times vary by country?
    • Yes, we’re based in the US, so US orders tend to receive their custom pendants earlier than international customers. However the 3-4 week estimate is true for almost all countries.