Calling All Men That Love Rocking Iced Out Chains…


Why Buying A Diamond Chain Is The Biggest Scam Of All Time

(and what you should buy instead for a guaranteed Status Boost without breaking the bank)


Read This Whole Letter To Discover:

  • .The Dark Truth Behind Wearing A Diamond Chain
  • .How You Can Look Iced Out For 200x Less Money
  • .Why A Few Smart Rappers Are Starting To Ditch Their $50k Diamond Cuban Chains For Newer Option
  • .Why Women Wrongly “Think” They Love Diamond Chains On A Man… and what they ACTUALLY love.
  • .How The Evil Elites Successfully Tricked Thousands of Men Into Breaking The Bank On A Diamond Chain

What comes first to mind when you hear the word “diamond”?

Probably something along the lines of…

“Extremely rare” or “Luxurious” or “Forever lasting”.

Wearing a fully iced out diamond chain is the perfect way to appear high status.

It’s the perfect way to get all the attention on you and make everyone instantly respect you.

And the perfect way to make the right impression on the ladies too…


If you believe so, I’m sad to say but the money-thirsty Evil Elites have successfully programmed you.

I want you to take a hard look at the image below.

It’s probably your first time ever seeing it.

But that image was the start of the Evil Elites’ genius plan.

The start of one of the biggest marketing scams that has ever existed.

That is the exact moment when they started programming the human mind on diamonds.


How the Evil Elites manipulated you into believing diamond chains are worth thousands

(when in reality they are the same as any other chains)

The truth is…

Those “precious” diamonds aren’t actually worth much more than some regular rocks that you can find by walking down your favorite beach…

So how did they manage to make everyone believe that a normal piece of jewelry is worth $50k?

Including your favorite rappers…

Here’s how.

Before 1938 the average person did not know what diamonds are. 

They had no desire of owning them, let alone spend thousands on them.

But after the year that marketing campaign was released…

everything changed.

You see,

A few years earlier… the diamond industry had opened up new diamond mines all over the world, with the hope of making billions of dollars.

But the demand wasn’t enough to meet the supply.

Global elites all over the continent were secretly panicking on how they were going to make a return on investment.

When all hope seemed lost, one man came with the solution…

What was it?

A marketing campaign.

This marketing campaign would go on to be the most successful marketing campaign of all time.

AND also the biggest manipulation the world has ever seen.

At its peak, the campaign even managed to convince The Queen of England to wear diamonds rather than other gemstones.

They also started publishing photographs in popular magazines to reinforce the idea of how highly valued diamonds are.

And within just 3 years, the results were in…

The global manipulation managed to increase diamond sales by over 55% when they were previously negative.

That inspired them to popularize diamonds even more. They started making more marketing campaigns than ever which led to skyrocketing the sales of diamonds even further.

And their profits were enormous because of their unethical way of mining diamonds. They were printing $$$.

This leads us to the diamond industry’s first secret… 


The Diamond Industry’s Big Dirty Billion Dollar Secret

Those diamonds that are worth “thousands” of dollars are mined by miners that are abused, killed, or forced to mine for <$1 a day.

But unfortunately, that’s not the only secret that the Evil Elites are hiding from the public…

Diamonds are supposed to be super rare right? Like almost impossible to find?


Diamonds are not rare. Diamonds are abundant.

There are mines around the world that are absolutely filled with diamonds. You can go into one of those mines right now and return with a bucket full of diamonds.

But the diamond industry’s brilliant way of controlling the supply and demand makes it seem like diamonds are special and impossible to find.

Meaning the true cost of diamonds has been artificially inflated. You’re paying for the “idea” of rarity.

If you own an expensive piece of diamond jewelry, all of this is probably making your stomach turn upside down.

But at least diamonds are forever. They’re one of the hardest materials on earth… right?

I hate to break it to you, but they lied about this too.

Diamonds can still be easily smashed with a simple hammer.

People are often shocked when they manage to chip their $30,000 diamond chain.

Not only that, but over time diamonds also deteriorate and turn into graphite. So don’t be surprised if your $30,000 turns into ash…

That’s when people started realising the truth about diamonds…


The Comeback

Rappers stopped copping diamond chains,  people started selling their diamond jewelry.

And diamond jewelry companies started getting a really bad reputation.

But the demand for wearing a nice clean iced out chain was still high.

People love the way diamonds look, but those that know about the deep dark truths about them can’t stand to wear them…

That’s when one brand popped up.

These are Icemob chains.

They use stones called CZ (short for Cubic Zirconia) instead of diamonds.

These stones look identical to diamonds. Even most expert jewelers can’t tell the difference between a diamond and a CZ chain.

And the best part about these?

They cost 200x less than diamonds.

So why doesn’t the public know about this?

The answer is simple… the Evil Elites spend millions on marketing to convince people that only diamonds are worth buying.

But I believe everyone should have an option to still look iced out without breaking the bank.

Icemob also makes sure that all of their CZ stones are VVS+ clarity. This means that everyone will notice the shine of your piece (even that girl that you’ve been talking to).

These chains have real 18K gold plating - that means that they will never fade and turn your neck green!

Don’t believe me?

Here are a few reviews from their most recent customers:

“It has a really nice feel to it and look. I have received a lot of compliments when I have worn it. Great quality nice packaging definitely be back.” - Michael G

“Absolutely LOVE this chain! I will no doubt be ordering more pieces. The quality is amazing.” - Henry M

“My wife loves the quality of the necklace! The brilliancy of the stones is remarkable! The compliments that I receive are incredible! Thank you!!!” - Henry P

“I was a bit sceptical at first because I’d never heard of them. But I ordered one necklace because the price was too good to resist. The cross necklace is amazing! Great quality, doesn’t make your neck green and really sturdy (not the cheap easily breakable material) I’m really happy. Will definitely be buying again.” - Josh A

The reason why all of our 40,000+ customers are always happy with their purchases is simple…

With every Icemob purchase, you get 2 guarantees!

A 30-day moneyback guarantee,

This means if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your chain you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund. They will even cover your shipping costs as well.

And a lifetime guarantee,

This means if your chain tarnishes or breaks they will send you a new one!

So if you want to upgrade your look with iced pieces without supporting the overpriced and unethical diamond industry…

And still get the exact same benefits of wearing a $50,000 diamond chain…

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